Thursday, May 8, 2008

The kiddy room!

…As she roughly threw him onto the bed, which his feet fell over, she whispers, “Screw me you horny, hott, love monkey!” And with that he turned the tables and threw her onto the bed, which she fit onto quite nicely, and began to savagely tear her silk blouse off of her. He slid up her black, skin tight skirt and began to finger her through her black lacy panties.

Suddenly, his hand slips and he falls on top of her, bouncing their heads against each other. “I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean it.” She replies” YES YOU DID! We’re not gonna be friends anymore!” Panicky, our hero pleads, “No please don’t leave! I’ll be good I swear!” She lets out a smirk, and thrusts her soaking love bucket at his waiting fingers. Her aroma fills the atmosphere, and it serves to intoxicate the two even more. He begins to finger her even faster, and slips three fingers easily into her waiting pussy.

As the sheer pleasure of being finger fucked by the man she loved built up she turned herself so she could suck his cock and he could still easily finger her and even have a taste if he wished. This turned into an intensifying cycle of heat and pleasure as she sucked faster and he fingered faster and she moaned louder cause his pleasure to rise which cause him to move faster causing her to come even closer to orgasm… and so on and so forth.

As the totally clichéd cycle continued, he began to feel his own orgasm welling up inside his groin. Suddenly, he felt the strange and uncontrollable urge to stick his nose deep inside her pussy. He does so, and upon the strange invader inside her cunt, the beautiful girl moans out, “Oh yes! Oh the feeling of your huge cock deep inside me turns me on so much!” “Umm, that’s not my cock. First of all, my rooster is in the coop, and second of all, you’re still sucking on my “beating stick.” Which brings up the interesting question of how did you manage to talk with that in your mouth?” Dazzled by our hero’s logic, the woman concludes that men are just smarter than her. So she does not try to reason. She only continues what she was doing, enjoying the fun. As it builds, she erupts in a flow of cum, her moans filling the small children’s room. The man withdraws, coughing and sputtering, then states with the wisdom and grace of sages, “It’s like getting water up your nose, except more erotic!”

She shudders, and falls off him. Slightly disappointed, the brave hero decides to finish himself. After a few minutes, he realizes this isn’t going anywhere. His gaze wanders, and he sees his young friend beside him. “Hmm, this could be interesting…” Removing the woman’s clothes, he slides his member around her pussy, getting it nice and wet. Then, he deeply thrusts into her! The feeling is incredible, and …Oh crap, I came already…

Well boys and girls, I got what I came for, so you’re on your own now. Now where did I put those tissues….


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