Thursday, May 8, 2008

Great ragging

hi to all fans, this is 21 yr gal

i have joined the college and was new bit scared of ragging also
but i was lucky that i was got my introduction to a handsome guy
he was 2nd yr his name is jack. slowly our friendship grows, we used to go to discs and
late night parties....our intimacy started to grow.

but this is the night which i never forget, it was one of our
friends birhtday party.i dressed up in glamarous dress it was short
skirt n tshirt, my friends in the party sad that i was looking very
hot today.. i am 34C 26 32

i think dat is the reason that jack was aroused that night, i dont
know he mixed something in my cold drink becoz of which i was little out of my senses
and then jack took advantage of the situation, he asked me go to the room
as i was not feeling comfortable, he accompanied me....

and wen we reached room, he locked the door and suddenly he thrown me on the bed
i asked wat happened he shouted n sad u bitch today i will have you
i was surprized by this, as we are good friends, he sad this is the moment he was

n suddenly he jumped on me and teared off my tshirt n bra which exposed my
boobs to him, he started pressing them soo hard that due to pain tears trickle
down my chicks, i was shouting for help, but due to loud music no
one can hear me.

he then take of his shirt then trousers n his underwear n showing me his
long tool, it must be 8" i was very frightened as he is doin against my wish
he suddnely taken my skirt off, so quick dat i couldnot respond
also i was not in my senses completely, then he went for my panty
n taken dat too off, now i was completely naked in front of him,
only thing i could do is shouting n crying for help...

he then penetrated me in one shot, it hurt me so much that i dont have words for that,
as i was virgin.

for half an hour he kept his thrusts, it was giving me such a pain
that now instead of shouting now i was only crying..

finally he shot all his load deep inside me... n wear his clothes
n sad thankyou u bitch..

after that he dont want to meet me, i think this was the only purpose
he done frindship.

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